Thirteenth Floor: Blackonomics

In this episode, Zettler and Greg are joined by fellow Atlanta natives Treamon Andrews and Jay Bailey for a power show on economics in the black neighborhood. Jay is a next generation advisory board member for Citizens Trust Bank, the first black-owned bank in the FDIC and Federal Reserve. Treamon has been in the banking industry virtually his whole life, with his father George Andrews, founding Capital City Bank in 1994 (it was since taken over by First Citizens Bank).

The quad talks about the importance of a group owning their own resources, the importance of the black-owned bank in the hood, the power of the black dollar and how Atlanta, the “Mecca” is in the most unique position to yield sustainable economic uplift for the majority of its inner city citizens.

The conversation was a lot of real spill, so we had to cut it into two. Plug in for the first part. Part 2 is coming right behind.