Counterfeit Pill Overdoses Heading To Atlanta?

Fake percocets claim the life of another Georgian, this time in Macon, and authorities warn that the burgeoning death toll of fake drugs may hit Atlanta soon.

“I think a fair assessment would be that it is just a matter of time,” said Drug Enforcement Agency Special Agent Dan Salder. “Obviously we are close to central and middle Georgia. Most oftentimes, drugs transit through here in Atlanta and go to our smaller counties.”

The DEA believes that the recent wave of middle Georgia overdoses on fake pills could be connected to Mexican cartels. The Georgia Department of Public Health said at least five people have died and dozens more hospitalized.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation identifies the pills as a mixture of two synthetic opioids, cyclopropyl fentanyl and U-47700. The former has unknown effects to investigators because it "was never intended for human or animal use," The latter is said to be seven times stronger than morphine.

The drug culture has been a recurring segment this season on the Atlanta Formula. Recently, on episode 12, we discussed the first “gray death” — heroin and fentanyl overdose - ever recorded in Georgia.


On Episode 14, we tackled the prevalence of counterfeit pills entering the market and its implications. People love their drugs, for a number of reasons that are too deep for the scope of this post. It’s safe to say they will be around for a while, simply because the conditions that lead to drug dependency are stronger than leadership's (elected and community, in particular) commitment to fix them.

Until, and not a moment before, the underlying causes of internal dysfunction (malnutrition, sexual misunderstanding, spiritual emptiness, etc.) are attended to with utmost consistency, drugs are going to be here to provide a lift, one dose at a time. Gonna be interesting to see how the city weathers this pending storm. Because in case you haven't heard, the kids been listening.